Our Driving school students

This is the best driving school in coventry At first I was very nervous and scared to drive, but Mr.Ruben assured me that this was completely normal for first time drivers! Now I feel confident in my driving and I am happy to say that I succesfully passed my driving test.
Mr.Ruben-my instructor was very assuring and helped me a lot.


Engineering Student

I very much want to thank Mr.Ruben my driving instructor for the immense time and patience that has continually been shown to me whilst undertaking my driving lessons. Last Friday I passed my test have been learning in an automatic vehicle.
I never thought the day would come, but due to the way my driving instructor has been with me throughout it actually has! Again thank you to AMA Driving School.



I Joined AMA Driving School. I Took a Regular driving Lessons. Instructor is so Respectful and Trained Individual.He Taught Me in Patience. I have Passed in 26 driving Lessons. Now I am confidently driving my car and going outside with my family. because of AMA Driving school i have done this.



I had 3 previous driving instructors and none of them compared to the AMA Driving instructor. AMA was extremely thorough, friendly and patient overall a great teacher. My driving lessons were always enjoyable, and unlike other instructors, she taught me driving tips not just for the test but for driving after I had passed my test. I would recommend

Ms.Emelda Matsvarie

I Don’t Want to Name the Branded UK Driving School Here, I had a Bitter Experience with them. They talk too much Rather Than Practical Training where I paid for nothing. I quit from there. Through my Friend I came to Know AMA. More on-Road Training with Theoretical knowledge. I passed in Two Weeks. Simple & Cool !!

Mr.Fahid Hussain

I am 62 yr old Housewife, I used to be very anxious and lacked in confidence when driving. My driving instructor helped me to overcome my fears and build my confidence during my Lessons. Finally it paid off, I passed. Thank You.

Mrs. Margaret Williams

I am From Chennai, India. I Drove in India Before. In UK I failed in Other Driving School. Through my Friend’s Brother I came to AMA. Instructor told me To Drive for an hour in my First Class and after that he addressed my Mistakes Which I have done. That was A Best & New Experience for me. My previous Instructor Never told me before. In AMA, I learnt it earnestly and Passed with Colours. Thanks a Lot Sir.